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Data Privacy Specialist/Privacy Officer



Job Description

Other Titles Include

  • Privacy officer
  • Privacy compliance officer/manager

Note: This role is most commonly found in large or medium-sized organizations. 

Reporting relationship

To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate.

Job purpose / summary

Develops, implements, advises on and administers organization privacy compliance program which supports requirements to safeguard personal private information (PPI).

Duties and responsibilities

  • Interpret and apply laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures to specific privacy issues
  • Conduct periodic impact assessments and ongoing compliance monitoring activities to identify compliance gaps and/or areas of risk to ensure privacy concerns, requirements and responsibilities are addressed
  • Establish and maintain a mechanism to track access to information within the purview of the organization and as required by law to allow qualified personnel to review or receive such information
  • Establish and implement an internal privacy audit program, and prepare audit reports that identify technical and procedural findings, and privacy violations, and recommend remedial solutions
  • Provide advice and guidance on laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures to management, personnel, or key departments
  • Ensure compliance with privacy and cyber security laws, regulations, and policies, and consistent application of sanctions for failure to comply with stated measures for all personnel in the organization
  • Initiate, facilitate and promote activities to foster privacy awareness within the organization that include the collection, use and sharing of information
  • Monitor advancements in privacy enhancing technology and ensure the use of technologies complies with privacy and cyber security requirements, including the collection, use and disclosure of information
  • Review the organization’s network security plans and projects to ensure that they are consistent with privacy and cyber security goals and policies
  • Collaborate with legal counsel and management to ensure the organization has and maintains appropriate privacy and confidentiality consent, authorization forms, and relevant materials are compliant with legal practices and requirements
  • Develop, deliver, and oversee privacy training material and awareness activities

Tools and Technologies

  • Privacy and information legislation and policies
  • Compliance requirements
  • Reporting mechanisms and templates
  • Privacy impact assessments/statements of sensitivity
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Data and information requirements
  • Privacy assessment tools and methodologies


KSAs applied at the basic level:

  • A working knowledge of cyber security principles and elements
  • Technical knowledge to understand data security and integrity, security requirements, and the functional and technical design of networks and system, and cyber security solutions
  • Data security conceptions and functions, analysis methodologies, testing, and protocols
  • Cybersecurity program management, measures and monitoring

KSAs applied at an advanced level:

  • Threat and risk assessment (focused on privacy / data privacy security)
  • Domestic and international laws, regulations, policies, and procedures;
  • Information security policies, procedures, and regulations
  • Specific impacts of cyber security gaps and breaches
  • Monitor advancements in privacy laws and policies
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Privacy disclosure statements based on laws and regulations
  • Breach reporting

Direct reports (if appropriate)

To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate


Education. Post-secondary education in an applicable field (e.g.; Business Administration, Law, Political Science, Social Sciences or equivalent training and experience).

Specialized training in data privacy and security, cybersecurity foundations, privacy impact analysis, privacy legislation and compliance


To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate

Other relevant qualifications.

To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate

Key Attributes.

To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate

Experience. Previous training and experience (2-3 years) in policy analysis role related to security or privacy typically required for entry level role.

This role may be supported through technical or non-technical pathways that lead to an entry level role related to privacy/sensitive data management and progress to the policy advisor level. Individuals can further specialize in data security or policy analyst, or senior advisor. 

Working conditions (if required)

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Physical requirements (if appropriate)

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