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Security Testing and Evaluation Specialist



Job Description

Other Titles

  • Systems security assessor

Note: This role is most commonly found in large or medium-sized organizations. 

Reporting relationship

To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate

Job purpose / summary

Plans, prepares, and executes tests of security devices, operating systems, software and hardware to evaluate results against defined specifications, policies, and requirements, and documents results and makes recommendations that can improve information confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Tests, evaluates, and verifies systems under development; systems exchanging electronic information with other systems; related operating system software and hardware; and security controls and devices used within an organization to determine level of compliance with defined specifications, policies, and requirements
  • Analyze test results of operating systems, software, and hardware and make recommendations based on finding;
  • Develop test plans to address specifications, policies, and requirements
  • Validate specifications, policies and requirements for testability;
  • Create verifiable evidence of security measure
  • Prepare assessments that document the test results and any security vulnerabilities present
  • Deploy, validate, and verify network infrastructure device operation
  • Develop, deliver, and oversee training material and educational efforts
  • Provide training and mentoring to security team members


Basic application of the following KSAs:

  • Security procurement processes and supply chain integrity assessments
  • Systems engineering process

Advanced application of the following KSAs:

  • Security assessment and authorization processes
  • IT systems testing and evaluation strategies
  • IT systems testing and evaluation infrastructure and resources
  • IT security systems testing and evaluations tools, procedures and practices
  • Technical knowledge of networks, computer components, power supply technology, system protocols, cyber security-enabled software
  • Network security architecture and models
  • Conducting independent validation and verification security testing
  • Systems testing and evaluation methods and techniques
  • Test design, scenario development, and readiness review
  • Systems integration testing
  • Security assessment and authorization processes
  • Security architecture concepts and enterprise information security architecture model
  • Identifying test and evaluation policies and requirements
  • Collect, analyze, verify and validate test data and translate data and test results into conclusion
  • Designing and document test and evaluation strategies
  • Writing technical and test and evaluation reports.

Tools and Technology

  • Strategic and business plans
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Vulnerability management processes and vulnerability assessments
  • Incident management processes and procedures
  • Security event and incident management systems and/or incident reporting systems and networks,
  • System architecture
  • Cybersecurity risk management processes & policies
  • Privacy and security legislation
  • Organizational security infrastructure and reporting systems
  • System testing and evaluation policies tools, techniques, procedures and protocols
  • Legislation and compliance requirements

Direct reports (if appropriate)

To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate


Education. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related discipline or equivalent training and experience. 


To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate

Other relevant qualifications. Training in system security measurement, assessment and testing.

Key Attributes.

To be completed by the user of this job description as appropriate

Experience. Significant (5-10 years) experience in IT domain with 3-5 years’ experience in systems security role supporting security assessments and IT audits preferred. Experience working in secured testing environments.

Working conditions (if required)

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Physical requirements (if appropriate)

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